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In 2008, the French-born artist known as Lapin (“rabbit” in English) quit his day job as a graphic designer in a Barcelona studio and embarked on a solo career as a “mobile” illustrator. 

“I define myself as a mobile illustrator, bringing my studio in the street, a sketchbook and a compact sketching gear, and working on location from my folding stool.”

Drawing with fineliners and watercolor on vintage ledger books found at flea markets, Lapin quickly made a name for himself in illustration and sketching circles in France and Spain.

When Gabriel Campanario launched Urban Sketchers as a collective blog that same year, Lapin was one of the first artists he invited and the first to make a post, a drawing of Casa Batlló in Barcelona.

Fast forward to 2024 and Lapin is one of the most recognizable reportage artists in the world. He has filled more than 220 sketchbooks and published 45 books that capture people and places in Barcelona, Paris, Japan, Cuba, China and many other locations. 

A sampling of books by Lapin.

The prolific sketcher is also among a select group of French artists currently bestowed by the French Air Force with the official title of “painter of the Air and Space.” The recognition comes with the honorific rank of captain and great perks such as access to military events and potential commissions.

Lapin at Rendezvous du Carnet de Voyage in Clermont-Ferrand last November.

As a teacher, Lapin is well known for his Domestika courses in urban sketching and botanical illustration, and as a faculty member at Barcelona’s prestigious Elisava School of Design, where he teaches in the Master in Illustration and Visual Narrative program.

What is the secret of Lapin’s career success? How has he been able to publish so many books? What projects is he working on now? Does it help to wear a hat and colorful shirts to stand out in a crowded field of talented artists?T

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