‘Different & the Same’ art book celebrates women around the world through the eyes of reportage illustrator Melanie Reim

MILL CREEK, Wash. — As Women’s History Month highlights the invaluable contributions of women past and present, Seattle area publisher Sketcher Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Different & the Same by New York artist Melanie Reim. The first art book by Reim, this extensive collection of drawings captures women around the world by one of the most revered artists in the field of reportage illustration.

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For as long as Reim has been an artist and carried a sketchbook, she has felt compelled to draw the stories of women wherever she has traveled. 

Different & the Same showcases more than 120 on-the-spot drawings from Reim’s travel sketchbooks spanning decades and continents. This impressive body of work transports readers to both public and intimate moments that celebrate women across cultures and places: basket weavers  in the Dominican Republic, workers at garment factories in China, market vendors in Mexico and Barcelona, sunbathers in her native Long Island, a sea of women marching in protest in Washington, and many other instances where Reim recorded the scene as an observer or participant. Her dynamic art expresses her instantly recognizable style.

“Born into a family of strong women, I was always encouraged to find my own voice,” says Reim, a former Associate Dean and Professor of Illustration at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology School of Art and Design. “As I matured and found significant female mentors and friends and my own voice in my art and my life, a sharper focus emerged in many of my sketchbooks: that of drawing women — especially working women.”

Reim often draws in ink with her favorite Pelikan M200 fountain pen, but she’s also keen on using graphite and watercolor. Regardless of the media, her unique personality comes across in every drawing presented in Different & the Same through expressive, confident lines.

This 128-page hardcover book is a visual treat for anyone who appreciates the power of drawing and a celebration of women who experience joy, triumph, rituals, conversation and each other.

“I aspire to tell a story that portrays women’s efforts and accomplishments with respect and admiration,” says Reim.

Different & the Same advances Sketcher Press’ goal to bring to market books focused on reportage art and urban sketching.

“Our mission is to empower a new generation of authors who document people, places and culture through observational drawing by bringing their work to a wider audience,” says Sketcher Press Publisher Gabriel Campanario, a Seattle-area journalist and illustrator best known for his role as the founder of the international nonprofit Urban Sketchers. He is also an author and former columnist at The Seattle Times.

Melanie Reim is an award-winning illustrator with a sketchbook never far from her side. Her reportage drawings have been featured in numerous articles, books and exhibits and are part of the U.S. Air Force Art Collection in the Pentagon in Washington D.C. A former Associate Dean and Professor at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology School of Art and Design, Reim has been recognized as a Distinguished Educator by the Society of Illustrators and as a Fulbright Scholar. Since her retirement from academia, Reim has been sharing her love for teaching and drawing at in-person and online workshops with her global community.

On sale date: June 1, 2023

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