Welcome to Sketcher Press, a startup publisher for urban sketchers and reportage illustrators.


Our mission is to empower a new generation of authors who document people, places and culture through observational drawing.

Drawings made from life inspire curiosity, discovery, human connection and appreciation for the world at large, from places close to home to the most remote locations where few people travel.

We believe that artful drawings and sketches have major storytelling potential and a universal appeal that transcends cultures and languages.

What we publish 

Sketcher Press publishes non fiction works of urban sketching, reportage illustration and documentary/journalistic drawing.

Drawings, sketches and illustrations are the essence of Sketcher Press. Through hand-drawn art, our authors tell visual stories that document urban history, architecture, arts and culture, travel, adventure, people, family and friends, businesses and workers, the environment and many other topics. 

Why publish with us

We are exclusively dedicated to the genres of urban sketching and reportage illustration.

We are deeply invested in discovering new talent and elevating diverse voices from every corner of the world.

Our relationship with authors is based on admiration for their work and close collaboration in all aspects of the editorial process.

It is central to our mission to nurture urban sketchers and reportage illustrators who want to bring their work to the general public.