95 percent totality, 100 percent wow

There is something magical and powerful about a vast group of people gearing up to witness a solar eclipse together at the same time.  My partner and I had such an opportunity on April 8 in Boston, but we were…

An astronomical family reunion

All morning, the sun dipped in and out of clouds over Grand Prairie, a suburb of Dallas where my family had found an ideal house to rent for the long weekend. Ten of us had flown to Texas from Seattle,…

What 600 walruses were doing in costumes and bathing suits

Poland comes out of winter slowly, especially in its northern parts. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if snow decided to fall in April. Luckily, the Poles have a method to prevent this sort of incident. In a ritual that reaches far back to the pagan times of Slavic gods and goddesses, an effigy that […]

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